NHS Health Advice

Please see below for a leaflet containing information on a charity organising and running sessions to help Eastern European migrants integrate into British society.

Please find links below to all Catholic churches in Bedford:

St. Joseph’s Catholic Church, Midland Road, Bedford


Christ the King Catholic Church, London Road, Bedford


Saints Philip & James Church, Brickhill, Bedford


Holy Cross Catholic Church, Goldington Road, Bedford


Sacred Heart of Jesus and St. Cuthbert, Mill Street, Bedford (Polish Church)


St Frances Cabrini Catholic Church, Woburn Road, Bedford (Italian Church)
Please find below links to other places of worship within the local area:
The links below relate to "Tips for Talking" which help with talking and speech barriers for young children up to 4 years old, with Speech and Language difficulties and therapy techniques.

Below is a link for statutory documents for an academy, available on St Thomas More's website

Please see the "Ready to Learn" leaflets below.


These provide some new ways to help:


- Your child in coming to school

- Your child with homework and extracurricular activities at home

- Provide some new and exciting ideas to do with your children at weekends or during holidays

- Prepare for changes at school

- Improve your childs speaking and listening

- You to help your child succeed at school

- Protect you and your child when using the internet

- To provide some helpful information on supporting your child’s Special Educational Needs and
Disability (SEND).

Please see below for a poster containing some information about bereavement.

Please see below two mini-guides created by Wellbeing Education


The first gives  information about ‘learned optimism’, and the second contains advice around how you can help your child if they are bereaved.